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Wedding Dress Lace Heirloom Necklace - Actual Lace - Personalized Jewelry

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Preserve that memory forever!

I take a piece of lace from your wedding dress or veil and make a fine silver pendant using that texture.

How about using this as "something old" and "something new" combined? Take a piece of your mother's or grandmother's dress to create a necklace that is a true keepsake. You can wear it on your wedding day, or wrap it around your bouquet as a charm (then wear it later)!

These pendants are custom made items. They are lovingly made from recycled fine silver (99% pure silver), and hang from 18 inch sterling silver chains. Fine silver has more silver content than sterling, and therefore tarnishes much slower.

How it works:
-Save a little piece of lace from your gown or veil. You can request the "scraps" from your alteration. Sometimes there is enough extra on an inseam to use.
-I will send you my mailing address upon purchase and you can mail your lace to me directly.

***Not able to send a physical sample?***
-You can send a high quality scanned image of your lace!! Please place a piece of black paper behind the lace before you scan the image, so that all of the little details show up.
-Please DO NOT take a picture of your lace and send it. This will result in shadows and a poor quality result!

Have something else in mind? Convo me - I'd love to work with you to create your perfect piece of jewelry!

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