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Olde Dog New Tricks

Feather Handmade Pendant in Pure Silver, Inspirational Necklace Wanderlust

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Who doesn't love feathers these days? This necklace gets "oohs" and "ahhh" every time!

I have handmade this little beauty with a highly detailed feather.

The edges of this piece are intentionally "rough" to create the weathered look that I love. If you would prefer clean edges, just let me know!

Each piece is handmade from fine silver, and hangs from an 18 inch sterling silver box chain.

Not familiar with fine silver? Here are the facts:
Fine silver has a higher silver content than sterling silver.
Fine silver is more valuable than sterling.
Due to being 99.9% pure silver, these pieces will not tarnish nearly as quickly as sterling.

This pendant was hand formed. It was fired in my studio kiln at over 1500 degrees before being filed, polished, patinated, and polished again. I typically darken the details of this piece to create depth and dimension. If you prefer it all to be shiny silver just let me know!

A perfect gift for someone special in your life! And don't worry - gifts for yourself are well deserved too!

Don't forget to add a polishing cloth to keep your treasure perfect. I recommend only lightly buffing the raised portions of your pendant, as to not disturb the intentional lowlights.

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