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Double Wave Copper Bracelet, Hand Forged Rustic Stacking Jewelry

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A beautiful one-of-a-kind piece, plus the healing properties of copper.

This item is a handmade cuff bracelet, featuring side by side waves. The ends of the bracelet are soldered to keep the waves perfectly placed at all times. This piece is completely hand forged and textured. A dark patina can be added for depth and a rugged, weathered look. Or choose a shiny, polished look (see the last picture).

Interested in a single wave bracelet? They are available too!

This cuff fits the average female wrist, and can be gently flexed for a customized fit. Need a smaller or larger size? Just leave me a message during checkout!

Copper is believed to aid in reducing joint pain and stiffness. How's that for fashion meets function?

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