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Amazing Grace Etched Copper Cuff

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Amazing grace, how sweet the sound...

This handmade bracelet features lyrics to the classic hymn, but I love the modern take in this cuff!

This cuff is my medium width. It measures approximately 1 1/4 inches wide by 6 inches long. The perfect size for an everyday bracelet.

About the piece...
This cuff has been hand cut from copper stock. It is hand filed and sanded before a design is added and etched. Once etching is completed, it is thoroughly cleaned and a patina is added. The design is then hand sanded and polished to create a beautiful contrast. The cuff is then hammered into shape and sealed. The protective seal will help your piece retain its original coloring, as well as protect your skin from a reaction to the copper.

Bonus..Copper is also believed to aid in reducing joint pain and stiffness. How's that for fashion meets function?

Due to the nature of being hand crafted, please expect minor variations in your unique piece!

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