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About me

Olde Dog New Tricks was born out of the simple love of creating.

A lifelong crafter, I have always jumped from project to project.  When I started making jewelry, it was a way to combine my love of accessories with a creative outlet.  I quickly discovered a passion for all things metal and the possibilities that metalworking holds.  Throw in some inspiration from the antique market, some gemstones, or a little bit of leather, and I was completely hooked.

I love learning different techniques - forging, soldering, enameling, texturing, wire work, metal clay, mixed medias...the possibilities are endless.  I am primarily self-taught, so experimentation often leads to new pieces.

My favorite metals to work with are sterling silver and copper because of the variations of finishes that are possible to achieve.

My shop is all about warm, rustic, and personalized jewelry.  That's just what makes me happy.  My hope is that you find some pieces that bring you happiness too.